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Research Interests Publications Contact

Research Interests

  • Conservation Voltage Reduction (CVR)
  • Volt/Var Control and Optimization for Smart Grid Distribution System
  • Measurement-based Dynamic Load Modeling
  • Electric Power Systems Planning & Operations

Active Projects

  • 국가전력안정망확보 및 광역정전예방사업 - 송전망 계획 및 운영에 관한 기준 개발(대한전기학회)

Completed Projects

  • Develop New Energy Management Service for Residential and Commercial Customers using Smart Metering and Sensor Network Information(King Saud University)
  • 건물(가정부문)에너지 소비행태분석을 위한 DB구축 및 활용(에너지관리공단)
  • 계통해석 정밀도 향상을 위한 측정기반 동적부하 모델 개발(KEPRI)
  • Grid Planning Technologies for Adaptable Electrical Networks: Dynamic Load Modeling and System Controls (NRF)
  • 한-중 계통연계 타당성 예비조사 연구(KEPCO)
  • 대전력 장거리 송전방식 대안수립에 대한 연구(KEPCO)


International Journals and Magazines

  • K. An, K.-B. Song, and K. Hur, "Incorporating charging/discharging strategy of electric vehicles into security-constrained optimal power flow to support high renewable penetration," Energies, vol. 10, no. 5, May., 2017
  • K. An, H. J. Liu, H. Zhu, Z. Y. Dong, and K. Hur, "Evaluation of conservation voltage reduction with analytic hierarchy process: a decision support framework in grid operations planning," Energies, vol. 9, no. 12, Dec., 2016
  • J.-K. Kim, K. An, J. Ma, J. Shin, K.-B. Song, J.-D. Park, J.-W. Park, and K. Hur, "Fast and reliable estimation of composite load model parameters using analytical similarity of parameter sensitivity," IEEE Trans. Power Syst. vol. 31, no. 1, pp. 663-671, Jan., 2016.
  • Jaeyeong Yoo, Byungsung Park, Kyungsung An, Essam A. Al-Ammar, Yasin Khan, Kyeon Hur, and Jong Hyun Kim, "Look-ahead energy management of a grid-connected residential PV system with energy storage under time-based rate programs," Energies, pp. 1116-1134, May 2012

International Conferences

  • Kyungsung An, Keyon Hur, and Kwang Y. Lee,“Multi-objective conservation voltage reduction planning: hierarchical VS. heuristic,” Panel Session for Modern Heuristic Optimization Technique for Optimal Planning of Sustainable Transmission and Distribution System, IEEE Power and Energy Society General Meeting, Boston, USA, July, 2016
  • Kyungsung An, Jae Kyeong Kim, Jung-Wook Park, Kyung-Bin Song, Jung-Do Park, Jeonghoon Shin,Young Hoon Kwon, Kyeon Hur, "Aggregation of Induction Machine Load Models using Coherency-Based Technique," ISGC&E 2013, Jeju, Korea, July. 2013
  • Jae Kyeong Kim, Kyungsung An, Jung-Wook Park, Kyung-Bin Song, Jung-Do Park, Jeonghoon Shin,Young Hoon Kwon, Kyeon Hur, "Improved Computation of Levenberg-Marquardt Optimization used in Measurement-based Dynamic Load Modeling," ISGC&E 2013, Jeju, Korea, July. 2013
  • Kyungsung An, Jaeyeong Yoo, Kyeon Hur, "Measurement-based Load Modeling for Electric Power Systems: A Comparison Study of Methods for Estimating ZIP Parameters of the Model," ICEIC 2012, Kangwon, Korea, February. 2012
  • Santos Kihwele, Kyungsung An, Kyeon Hur, "Control Strategies to Improve Protection Capability of DFIGs During Grid Disturbances," ICEIC 2012, Kangwon, Korea, February. 2012

Domestic Journals and Magazines

  • 안경성, 유재영, 박병성, 허견, "소비자 측면에서의 스마트그리드 기술 동향", 한국인터넷정보학회지, 제12권, 2호, pp. 40-48, 2011년 6월

Domestic Conferences

  • 한재희, 안경성, 허견, 김학배, "사용자 환경 요소 센싱을 이용한 건물 냉방전력 저감 방안," 대한전기학회 전력계통연구회 춘계 학술대회, 제주, 2011년 5월


  • IEEE Seoul Section, Student Paper Contest 2015, Gold Best Paper Award.


Email :

Yonsei Engineering Hall 3 - 605, Yonsei University,
50 Yonsei-ro, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul 120-749, Korea
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