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Research Areas

  • Modular Multilevel Converter (MMC) for HVDC, FACTS:Modeling and Control
  • Coordinated Controls of FACTS
  • Synchro-phasor: Monitoring, Analysis and Control towards Smart TS
  • High-Temperacuter-Superconducting Power Cable Applications
  • Multi-terminal HVDC

Active Projects

  • 고안정, 고품질, 고효율의 스마트그리드를 위한 차세대 계통 운영 기법(NRF)
  • 전압형 HVDC Topology 및 스위칭/제어기법 개발(LS Industry)
  • 제주-육지간 HVDC #3 Type 결정을 위한 연구(KEPCO)

Completed Projects

  • Dynamic Interactions Among Shunt Type FACTS Devices(EPRI)


International Journals and Magazines

  • H. Kim and K. Hur, "Expanded Adoption of HTS Cables in a Metropolitan Area and Its Potential Impact on the Neighboring Electric Power Grid," IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON APPLIED SUPERCONDUCTIVITY, pp. 5800704, June 2012

Google Scholar

International Conferences

* H. Kim, T. Nam, K. Hur, B. Chang, J. H. Chow, and R. Entriken, "Dynamic Interactions among multiple 
  FACTS controllers - A Survey," ''IEEE-PES General Meeting 2011'', Detroit, USA, Jul. 2011


Domestic Patents

* 박정욱, 손금태, 이희진,허견,남태식 , 정용호, 백승택, 이욱화, 멀티-레벨 인버터 구동 장치 및 방법(출원 10-2011-0030898)
* 허견 김희진 정석기 남태식 박정욱 손금태, 멀티-레벨 컨버터의 구동 장치 및 방법, 이를 이용한 멀티-레벨 컨버터 시스템
(출원 10-2013-0005405) 

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