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* Yonsei University
 - Combined M.S. & Ph.D. Program (Since 2016)
 - School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Research Areas

* HVDC (High Voltage Direct Current)
* FACTS (Flexible AC Transmission System)
* SSO (Sub-synchronous Oscillation)
* DG (Distributed Generator)

Involved Projects

* Power System Standards Development
 - 송전망 계획 및 운영에 관한 기준 개발 (산업통상자원부) / 
   Development of Reliability Standards for Transmission Planning and Operation in Korea Power System, 2016~2017 
* Subsynchronous Torsional Interaction (SSTI) Analysis
 - 영남지역 계통안정도 향상을 위한 FACTS 적용 타당성 분석에 대한 연구 (한국전력공사) /  
   Analysis on SSTI between power plant and peripheral FACTS devices, and stability enhancement of Korea power system (KEPCO), 2016~2017
* Active Distribution Network Management
 - 한-미 연구재단 국제 산학협력 연구센터: 신 전력망 핵심기술 공동연구센터(NRF) /  
   Future Hybrid AC/DC Hybrid Electric Power Grid (NRF), 2017~2018
* HVDC Grid Service
 - DC 전력기기 기반 송전망 최적 활용 및 그리드 서비스 (Grid Service) 연구(전력연구원) /  
   On Maximizing the Use of Existing Transmission Network and Providing Grid Services by using DC Equipment (KEPRI), 2017~2021
* Distribution System Research
 - 신재생 발전 배전연계 종합대책 수립 연구(한국전력공사 경제경영연구원) /  
   Establishment of Comprehensive Measures for Integrating Renewable Energy into Distribution Systems (KEMRI), 2017~2018
* HVDC SSO Analysis
 - MMC 전압형 HVDC 성능평가 기술 개발 용역 연구(전력연구원), 2018~2021


International Conferences

* W. Shin , S. Kim, and K. Hur, "Sub-Synchronous Torsional Interaction Study of South Korea Model Base with FACTS Device", IEEE PES-GM 2017, Chicago, U.S., Jul. 2017

Domestic Conferences

* 신우영, 김세현, 허견, 최진산, "고유 값 해석과 섭동해석을 통한 SVC의 SSTI 연구", 2017 대한전기학회 하계학술대회, 부산,7월.2017


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